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An R package containing an RStudio Addin to insert pre-written divs and classes into your Quarto documents.

See the package website for the full list of available functions and the Quarto website for full documentation

Why ‘quartostamp’? You could physically stamp some pre-prepared type into a literal quarto document; you can digitally stamp some pre-written elements into your qmd file.

Install and use

To install this package from GitHub, run the following and then restart RStudio:

install.packages("remotes")  # if not yet installed

To use:

  1. Put the cursor in your Quarto file where you’d like to insert an element
  2. Click the ‘RStudio Addins’ dropdown at the top of the RStudio IDE
  3. Scroll/search for ‘QUARTOSTAMP’ and click the function you want

Use the help files to learn more about each function. They all start with stamp_ so you can search like ?stamp_notes.

You can also create custom RStudio keyboard shortcuts for these functions:

  1. Go to ‘Tools’ then ‘Modify Keyboard Shortcuts…’
  2. Search for the {quartostamp} function that you want a shortcut for
  3. Click in the ‘Shortcut’ column and type the key combination you want to use
  4. Click ‘Apply’

Other packages can be used alongside {quartostamp} when writing a document:

  • the {remedy} package contains an RStudio Addin with a large number of R Markdown helpers, e.g. ‘H2’ will add leading hashmarks (##) to signify a level-two header
  • the {htmltools} package has functions to insert HTML tags, e.g. tags$h2() will insert <h2></h2> for a level-two header